I got the opportunity to go to the soft launch of the Everyman Cinema in Manchester today. Even though I wasn’t able to go see any of the movies due to working Saturday and having a writing workshop today we still popped in to check out the place.

From the outside the building looks unassuming. It has a neon sign saving ‘Everyman’ which is the only indication it isn’t just another office building. The view from street is a glass front showed a reception desk and long plain corridor. The doorman give us directions to enter the main cinema.

Stepping through the gold trimmed doors into the cinema’s main lobby was like being teleported to a completely different place. It has a vibe more similar to Spinningfields swanky restaurants with a plush seating all around and atmospheric lighting.

It wasn’t just the atmosphere that was different from your typical cinema. Everyman has a fully licenced bar and restaurant meaning you can order proper meals and drinks whenever they are open. The actual screens are also more like couches with side tables and we were told that during the adverts you can have drinks delivered to your chair.

I didn’t have long until I had to go to my writing workshop but I did have time to try out their cocktails and some food. I had an espresso martini and my partner had an old fashion. These were the same quality as those you’d get in any bar around the area and pricing similar as well at just shy of £10 per drink.

Everman 1.jpg

All the photos are from Snapchat where I was rubbing the free food in my housemates face. It was only free as it was the soft launch and all these do have their own prices. Menus can be found here

For mains I got some garlic bread. This was like a thin, stonebaked pizza base topped with mozzarella and garlic. I enjoyed this and it didn’t leave me feeling as bloated as some other garlic breads I had. My partner got the 1216 which is a burger that comes with skin on fries. The chips were good and my partner heralded the burger as the best they have had in Manchester. Other options for food include sharing platters of olives, chorizo, flat bread and hummus, and an assortment of pizza.

Everyman 2

No cinema would be complete without desert options. Keeping up with the aesthetic you can buy tubs of chocolates, however these aren’t the standard dairy milk, these are Green & Black’s. I grabbed myself the build it yourself sundae. Opting for a Neapolitan ice cream trio, chocolate sauce, crushed oreos, fresh strawberries, and flakes.

Everyman 3.jpg

All in all it was a great experience and when they open on the 31st October I will be heading back to watch a movie as well as eat more food. This places is a very different style to most cinemas you can go to in Manchester. I much more prefer this to the others especially as has a much more relaxed but also sophisticated vibe. I would definitely recommend going to an Everyman Cinema if you haven’t already been to the ones open in other cities. Click here for their website.

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