I’ve been going to the Greek islands for as long as I can remember. It was my families holiday destination of choice. I love the food, the wildlife, the history, and the geography. Previously I’ve been the Crete, Zakynthos, Kos, and Corfu.

So, when it came time for me to book my first holiday by myself I wanted to go somewhere I was familiar with. I went to Corfu most recently back in 2017 so that was my choice for the holiday I was planning. It was a celebratory holiday for getting the all-clear (even though it was planned and booked well in advance) so I was bring quite a lot of people on holiday with me.

We wanted to go all-inclusive to make it more stress-free. First of all I looked at Dassia as that was where I went in 2017. However it is a fairly small town and with us going at the end of May when the tourist season is only just kicking it might have meant it was fairly dead. Instead I found a cheap rooms in Panorama Hotel in Sidari.

I hadn’t visited the town before so used google earth to explore it. It wasn’t as close to the beach but had a fairly big town with a mix of different restaurants, bars, and tourist shops. We booked two family rooms, fitting four people, for the seven of us in total.

Author Picture Corfu 2

We arrived in Corfu on the monday the weather was warm but with a good breeze (my poor English body can’t handle heat). As we had just flown over early in the morning we spent the first day by the pool trying every drink on the all inclusive. I quickly settled on the corfu comfort, which was brandy, kumquat liquor, lime cordial, and lemonade. It tasted like juice but it was very alcoholic.

Author Picture Corfu 1

The second day we sorted out excursions, we decided we would head to Corfu Town and Aqualand. Once that was sorted we explored Sidari. There were plenty of tourist shops selling local alcohols like Ouzo and kumquat liquor, plenty of mythology based ornaments, and olive wood sculptures and olive oil soaps.

We grabbed some food from a takeaway, Just some standard souvlaki and gyros pita. They were decent portions as well for the few euros that they cost. We grabbed some drinks from a beach side bar to get some sunbeds. I was quite surprised it was a sand beach as the ones in Dassia had been pebbles. There were places to rent peddle boats and even do some inflatable rides, but we just swam in the ocean. We found some quite large fish in the shallows as well as a lot of hermit crabs.

In Sidari there is also the canal d’amour which is a popular tourist spot. It’s name comes from the legend that if you swim the length of the canal you will find your soulmate. None of us took the dive but we did take some photos on the waters edge.

Author Picture Corfu 3

We had tea at the hotel before getting ready to go out and check out the night life. After realising we had arrived too early for the cher/queen tribute act we popped across the road to The Hive. This was one of those happy little accidents. It had the most amazing cocktails, amazing waiting staff, and the best atmosphere of any establishment I’ve been into in a long time. We spent the entire night their until we reluctantly left having ran out of money. But not before being given a parting shot of some mystery alcohol.

Author Picture Corfu 4

The next day we were up early to catch the local bus to Corfu Town. It wasn’t as bad a journey as I was expecting. The bus, was in fact a coach, and it only had a few stops on a relatively direct route. I may have been put in charge of getting us to the town centre and promptly got us lost. Upon finding a restaurant we stopped for some food and found we were just on the other side of the park where we were heading.

Author Picture Corfu 5

This picture is from my first trip to Corfu hence why it is night time but It just shows off the Esplanade.

A lot of the shops are tailored towards tourists with a similar selection to what we saw in Sidari but just more extensive. I did most my souvenir shopping here, choosing to buy a selection of alcohols for friends and family. One of my friends picked up the interesting choice of a taxidermy pufferfish.

Author Picture 6

Here is a picture of the old fort from Corfu Town.

Once we had finished shopping we decided to conquer the old fortress. It is very tall and I was very optimistic to think I could manage the hike up without dying. I did manage to get to the top though and it had some of the best views of Corfu town and Albania.

Author Picture 7

Here is the panoramic picture I took from the top showing Corfu Town.

Author Picture Corfu 8

Here I am in front of the view of Albania.

We had some more food before we headed back to the hotel. This was the fancy dinner of the holiday. The menu included choices such as octopus, roaster, orzo, and much more. I chose to go for just a mushroom risotto but it was fantastic, and something I’d love to have again.

The last full day of the holiday was spent at Aqualand, a giant water park near corfu town. This was booked through our holiday provider so we got a coach with other tourists all heading to Aqualand. I do regret doing this through the holiday provider, there was a local bus that went to Aqualand which would have taken a more direct route. The holiday coach took us past Cassiopi and Dassia before heading inland to Aqualand.

It lived up to the hype. Although I don’t actually go to water parks much. It had lots of different slides for all ages, a lazy river, and a wave pool. Beach lilos were all over the park for use on the slides and the pools. We made great use of them by forming a circle of the seven of us in the wave pool, a feat that probably took the better part of an hour. At least the life guards had a good time watching us repeatedly get dunked. They also had an extensive ice cream selection and did waffles.

Author Picture Corfu 9.png

This is the only good(ish) photo I got with my water proof camera of my friends just finishing the slide.

We finished the holiday how we started once we got back to the hotel, making good use of the all inclusive alcohol. We didn’t have a chance to do much on the last day as we were being picked up at ten in the morning for our flight back.

Honestly, I’m so glad I decided to plan this and had an amazing group of friends who agreed to come along with me. I would definitely do it again in the future.

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