I recently got to go to Treetop Trek in Heaton park. Now, void one zip line I did when I was ten years old, this was a first of a kind for me. I didn’t really know what to expect. I did get to bring a friend with me and as I had a friend who had wanted to go for her birthday but wasn’t able, she came along with me.

Heaton park is a nice day out. Before we had even got to Treetop Trek I had found some ponies and cows to take pictures of, and we also stopped by one of the cafes which sell locally sourced honey as well.


We arrived at Treetop Trek and were asked to remove certain pieces of jewelry as well as being given small packs to put our phones into so we were less likely to drop them. We had a safety briefing and had our harnesses attached before we got anywhere near the trees.

The entire course was one, long, route that had a cord running along side that we would always be attached too. The instructor went first, then myself, then my friend. It started with fairly stable, step from one wooden plank to the next kind of obstacles. I found holding onto the rope attaching you to the zip line helped massively with balance.

Slowly we were gaining height as we went over each obstacle. Then we came to the first actual zip line. I hadn’t noticed how high we had gotten and the fear hit in. I was pretty close to backing out but didn’t want to disappoint myself or my friend. The part that helped me feel safer, was that we were advised to squat at the edge. This meant I began to feel the harness take my weight. It was less a leap of faith, and more like sitting down on a hammock.

It was still scary to do the last bit of actually going off the platform. I screamed, but it changed into ‘Oh, this isn’t actually too bad’ halfway through. From there on out I wasn’t too scared it was just the balancing that was the issue. Each obstacle had its own challenges and the instructor would set little challenges to keep things interesting.

These challenges could be – don’t hold onto the ropes, run across, walk backwards, ect. This happened as well on each zip line. So for one we dropped backwards instead of forwards, or swing to the side first, even try to kick a tree branch as you pass.

Author Picture Treetop Trek.jpg

It was a lot of fun and we finished up on a long zip line. I felt like I was in harry potter, all I needed was a broom stick. I tried to land running but I didn’t manage it and got mud all up my coat instead.

After that we also got the offer of going around the shorter course as part of a time trial. We gladly accepted. This time the instructor just waited at the end with a stop watch and we had to go around as fast as possible. It was really intense. I was trying to go over the obstacles so fast and it made it that much harder to balance on them.

I ended with a time of about four minutes and twenty seconds. I felt so sick as I rarely do cardio and it is probably the most exercise I’ve done in a long time. I would definitely recommend going though. I’ve very glad I got to do this due to the teenage cancer trust. It really opened my eyes to activities I may have previously dismissed.

If you would like to donate to them Click Here

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