I’m a published writer, having written stories for both horror and fantasy anthologies for several different publishers. My latest project is a full length novel which I’m currently in the process of editing.

I’ve been obsessed with fantasy and the gothic since I was old enough to walk. So, when my parents had to explain to me that dragons don’t actually exist, I decided I needed to fix this. Since that day I started writing stories to put the fantasy in my head into this world.

I take my inspiration from all around me. Politics, science, mythology, and art are the main things that influence me. Lately my work has been focusing around Japanese folklore but all things gothic and fantasy are fair game for me.

You can find a list of my published works here or you can check out Affogato for free here.


Mysterious photo of myself by Jamie Mahon outfit by Kiku Boutique

Void writing, I also love reading and I will be using this space to review the books I read. I will also be writing about general adventures I go on. My other interests include gaming, anime, manga, and gardening.

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